After I reviewed the business plan from I came to the conclusion that they were a little optimistic at how diligent our chiropractor had been! I therefore adjusted 2 of their figures:

  1. In times of prosperity, most people don’t retained cash and have grown aggressively with the assumption that the good times will continue. I’m therefore going to adjust the cash balance to $150k.
  2. I’m going to increase the rent from $22,335 to $34,335 as I feel that the offices used were probably a bit too shiny! That takes our operating expenses to $47k per month.

The adjusted high level data therefore is:

  • A cash balance in the business of $150k
  • An outstanding loan of $108k (27.5k per annum)
  • Operating Expenses of $550k ($47k per month)


Ouch! As the business stands now, we have 3 months of cash to carry us over. Assuming you went into lockdown April 1 that means your doors will close for good at the end of June. Not so good … but let’s see what we can do.

Safety First

Before we go ahead, let’s take $10k of the $150k and seek some legal advice. We want to ensure that the survival of the business and the owner’s future wellbeing are decoupled.

Simply put, I want to know that the owner will not lose their house if they lose the business.

With the threat of personal loss removed, we can now get busy with the business at hand.

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