Our old plan had a marketing spend of $20k per annum, but I want a war chest going into this. I’m therefore going to shorten our runway to 4 months and allocate $30k to marketing and advertising.

My expenditure would be roughly:

  • $5k for a new website. I would use a template and a marketplace such as Fiverr or Upwork to expedite this in the first week
  • $5k on the hardware to do live videos. This is very generous and would get a great setup along with some training as to how to do lighting, sound etc
  • $20k for advertising, almost purely online.

We’re going to take a 3 pronged approach to revenue by implementing 3 new strategies.

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With a tech career that started before internet explorer was launched, I’m a technology focussed strategist with over 25 years at the forefront of technology disruption. Historically I’ve owned and managed agencies centred around Web and Mobile transformation helping B2B and B2C companies across the globe, from SME’s to Fortune 50.

Across the years I have been through 3 mass recessions and am putting the knowledge and experience of more difficult times to use to help businesses see what they have, what they need to succeed and how to bridge the two.