No One Gets Left Behind

The biggest risk to this business is that our customers might not come back or be able to afford our services on their return.

We’re therefore going to lean on the world of network marketing heavily here and put together a referral program. We’ll keep this simple and say that for every 5 clients you recommend to us, we’ll give you a free session. this won’t work 100% of the time, but it should give us a healthy form of acquisition to counteract our problems with retention. If 10% of our customers refer 2 new clients then we’ve got 16,000 new clients coming in!

Finally, you need to make 30 calls per day for each member of staff. 15 of these should be your top customers, 10 should be to customers who USED to see you regularly and 5 should be random.

These aren’t sales calls, just check-in calls … give some advice, perhaps send them a link to an exercise. Customers will open up and share and retention is a natural bi-product. Assuming you have 3 members of staff, you will be able to contact 10,000 of your 80,000 members.

Honestly, I’d like to see more output here but 10,000 is a good number to aim for.

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